Baby Massage

The group massage course runs over 5 weeks and each week I will show you how to massage a new part of the body. The final week will involve a full-body run through by which time you will be familiar with the strokes, having covered them in previous sessions. I use a demonstration doll to show you each stroke whilst you follow suit with your baby.

The first session (week 1) would be totally free and you then have the option to sign up for the rest of the course which would be the 4 remaining weeks and £40. This includes a bottle of massage oil (sunflower oil – organic, cold pressed, unrefined) and handouts for you to take home each week. In total, the baby massage course runs for 5 weeks and your first session (free taster) will still be a full hour and run as a normal class.

Baby massage is suitable from birth (assuming full-term baby) until approximately 12 months. Each session will be an hour – about 20-25 minutes actual massage time with your baby as they can tire easily!

Why choose baby massage?

It is a wonderful way to bond with your baby – touch is so important to a baby as other senses are underdeveloped at this stage. It is a hugely beneficial way to communicate with your baby, demonstrating your love.

Baby massage stimulates circulation and aids digestion. It can help with common baby issues such as teething, colic, wind and constipation. I can show you how to massage your baby and you can incorporate it into your routine at home for a calmer, happier baby.

It is a lovely way to spend time together and a great way to meet other mums/dads in your area.

What do I need?

You will need to bring a squashy / padded changing mat and a towel. Just bring whatever else you would normally take with you when you are out with your baby.

What if my baby cries/needs feeding?

Don’t worry – you can comfort and look after your baby’s needs, as you would normally. We want a happy, willing baby for the class so if you need to pause for a feed or a cuddle, it’s not a problem! I provide handouts for you in case your full attention is with your baby for a short while so that you can still benefit from the class. I also do refreshers of the previous week in the class to help you remember the strokes. If you are totally distracted throughout the class (this hasn’t happened yet!), I would welcome you to join that particular week missed in the subsequent course if you would like.

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