Baby Yoga

The yoga course is a lively, fun activity for you and your baby. I will show you how to place your baby in different yoga poses using my demonstration doll. This is yoga for babies and not yoga for adults. There are two courses split by age – beginner and advanced – both courses run for 5 weeks. Beginner yoga is suitable from 8 weeks until about 20 weeks and advanced yoga is suitable from 20 weeks. Each session will be an hour.

Why choose baby yoga?

Baby yoga helps to strengthen the bond/attachment between baby and mum/dad by allowing baby to have undivided attention, lots of physical contact, lots of eye contact and reassurance. Moving and flexing parts of baby will stimulate all the baby’s major systems and help alleviate common baby issues such as wind, constipation.

Baby yoga is a very useful tool in helping baby to achieve milestones – flexing and strengthening of muscles can help baby to reach them. It can also really help with balance. It is fun and is an opportunity to meet other mums and dads.

What do I need?

I provide mats but please do bring your own if you prefer. Just bring whatever else you would normally take with you when you are out with your baby.

What if my baby cries/needs feeding?

Don’t worry – you can comfort and look after your baby’s needs, as you would normally. We want a happy, willing baby for the class so if you need to pause for a feed or a cuddle, go ahead!

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