“Thanks so much for teaching me how to do massage so well. Was really easy to pick up and remember” – Natalie

“I really enjoyed learning to massage Georgia and she definitely enjoys being massaged! It was extremely kind of you to help me go through the class again when Georgia had cried through all of it so we didn’t miss out. I also felt that you were very warm and welcoming, and genuinely loved having a room full of mums and babies” – Lindsay

“I really enjoyed the massage course. It was great to meet other new mums, learn massage techniques that are practical (e.g.relieving wind/ teething) and find out for the first time that Jet enjoys certain sensations! I thought your approach was really personal which made me feel at ease, and I appreciated the fact that you told us from the start to just do a little at a time – Jet is easily over stimulated as I’m sure most babies are at his age and it was good to learn a graded approach” – Helen


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